standing in laneHi, I’m Helena Albers and I am simply a child of God. I’m 62 years old… but inside I’m just a kid with all the frailties and fractures that childhood sometimes brings. I also have all the intense wonder and awe that a child feels when Jesus reaches out His hand and draws her to Him. God first revealed His goodness to me in the resounding voices of a church choir when I was just a child. It was an experience that has never left me and the memory of it reminds me that God himself has never left me. As I grew, I took many paths through life. Some led to success and accomplishment… some led to painful destruction for myself and my family. Now… many years later my hearts desire is to give away what God has given me… the knowledge of who I truly am… a child of God, loved and cherished, on an exceptional life journey with my savior Jesus Christ.

I’m honored to serve God and you through this blog. My hope is to share the insight and understanding of God’s precepts that bring joy and peace into my life… joy and peace that truly surpasses my own understanding. I’ve had formal, if “non-traditional” education that includes a degree in Psychology and English through Buena Vista University. I’ve had ministry training and education in the various churches, bible studies and formal bible college classes that I’ve been blessed to be a part of over the years. My husband Steve and I have been involved in Christian ministry either full or part-time for the past 20 years as biblical counselors/mentors and for 6 years as pastors. Those are the “official” credentials… the life of Christ in me and through me has been my true training.

The post Life Saving Truth is my personal testimony – God’s light shining in the darkness!  If you wonder why I titled my blog Truth for Change you might read the post… Recipe for Change. It explains the concept of the blog and the hope that change is truly possible in your life and mine.   Another good starting point and a crucial component of this website is found in the “resources” page. Boot Camp – a training manual is available to you there in PDF format that you are welcome to download. As you will read in the Boot Camp Prologue, God used the teaching within it to mightily change my life through His Word.

God has provided a place for me to grow within many precious and beautiful family including my husband Steve, my three children, seven grand children, two Shih-Tzu’s and a fourteen year old, five pound Chihuahua who is the “princess” of our household.

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